You sent out a poll. Some people texted your poll's keyword but did not answer the question. Here's how to follow up with them.

Step 1: Find out who texted your poll's keyword but did not yet answer.

1a. On the Campaigns page, find the poll you wish to look at. Go to Options and choose View (turquoise arrow in image below).

Your Poll Results page will open. At the top you will see a summary of the answers.

If you scroll down, you will see the Poll Campaign Details. Note that there is a column for Status (gold box in image below).

1b. If the status of a person is "Entered" (brown box below), it means that this person texted the poll keyword but did not answer yet. These are the people you want.

Step 2: Export their contact details.

2a. If there is a list and everyone has a status of "Entered", choose them all by clicking the square in the yellow box above. Otherwise, just click the individuals you wish (blue box above).

In our example, we only have one person to choose.

Note that after I choose that person, three options appear: Send SMS, Export, Clear All.

2b. Click on Export (brown arrow below). Note that a .csv file has now downloaded to your computer (at the end of the brown line below, yellow line shows file format).

You will import the contact detail information in this file into a group.

Step 3: Create a group if needed.

If you already have a group to use, great. If not, create a new one.

Need help with that? Check out this help desk article:

Step 4: Import their contact details into the group.

4a. Click on the Add New menu (gold arrow in image below).

4b. Click on Add Person (turquoise box in image above).

4c. The New Person box will pop up. Click on Import Person and then Next.

4d. Click on Select File (brown arrow below). From your computer downloads section, select the same file that you exported earlier.

Look at the brown line below. Note that the two file names are the same. Again, this is the file we exported in Step 2 above.

4e. From the dropdown menu (brown arrow below), select your country.

Then, type in the name of the group to receive this contact information (blue arrow above). Finally, click Continue (yellow arrow above).

4f. Now, we are going to tell PastorsLine what each bit of contact information is. Look at the two images below. Notice that above each data place is the instruction "Make a selection".

So, from the dropdown menu, we are going to identify what each data item is. We do not need to identify the last one (status) because all the people in this group have the same status: did not answer the poll, right?

Once you have made all your selections, click Continue.

4g. You will now see a preview of the contact data (brown arrow below). If all looks correct, click on Continue go to the last part: importing your results/data (blue line and arrow below). If you want to make changes, click on Back.

You will get a message informing you if your import has been successful ... or not (brown arrow below).

4h. Click on Finish import (blue arrow above).

Step 5: Verify that the contact information has been imported to the relevant group.

On the Groups page, select the group you are working with. This example is working with a group which existed named New Group (brown box below). If you compare the contact details in the group with the details above, you will see that they are the same.

Step 6: Clone your poll.

6a. On the Campaigns page, click on Clone (turquoise arrow in image below) to make an identical copy of this campaign. The Clone Poll Campaign box will pop up.

The Clone Poll Campaign box will pop up.

6b. Choose the organization/campus which is getting a clone of the poll. You may only have one choice or you may have several. Then, click Yes.

The Edit poll page will open. This allows you to edit your cloned poll if desired. For example, you may wish to change the keyword. Or you may wish to add something before the poll question: Hi! We don't seem to have gotten your answer, so we are asking again. {Poll question}

When you are finished edited, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

You will get a status message.

Step 7: Verify that the poll has been cloned.

On the Campaigns page, you should see your original as well as your cloned polls.

Step 8: Send your cloned poll.

8a. On the Campaigns page, click on Send (turquoise arrow in image below) to send your cloned poll. The Send poll box will pop up.

8b. From the dropdown menu (brown arrow below), select the group which should receive the poll. We are using New Group so we clicked on that (brown box below).

8c. Click the From Number line. Choose the number to send your poll from.

Then, click Send (blue arrow above).

To check the results of your new poll...

Find it on the Campaigns page. Go to Options and choose View (like we did in Step 1a above with our original poll).

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