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V3: Ninja Trick - Using previous logs to add people into groups
V3: Ninja Trick - Using previous logs to add people into groups

Use a previously sent message to create or add people back into a group

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Did you send a group message and the group was deleted or the participants were removed? If you need to get these contacts back, you can use our "ninja trick" to find the group in the analytics / logs page and add them back into a group.


After logging in to PastorsLine...

Step 1: Click on Analytics.

Step 2: Click on Logs.

Step 3: Click on V2 (Legacy).

Your logs page will open.


STEP 1: Use the options at the top (report, user/number, from date, to date) to find the group message you sent. This message should be one in which ALL the people were in the group and no one was missing.

STEP 2: Click the "graph" icon (red circle in image above).

STEP 3: Now you will see that group's sent statistics. Scroll down and make sure you change the "show per page" setting to show all of your group members below.

STEP 4: Now, you can copy (do not copy the title row though - only the names and numbers of your contacts listed) the contacts that received that message.

STEP 5: Paste the list into a new excel spreadsheet. Delete the columns that do not contain their first, or last name, or phone number:

STEP 6: Save this excel spreadsheet as a .csv file.

STEP 7: Now you can follow the directions on how to IMPORT contacts into PastorsLine.

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