If you want to automatically capture prayer requests, you can use the address field of a data capture to do this. See screen shots in each step for recommended verbiage to use for this campaign.

First, you would need to have a group with a keyword to link this data capture to. Click here for help on how to create a group with a keyword, Or you can create a quick group with keyword in the data capture screen (see video below on how to do that). 

  1. Go to your campaigns page and click "Create new Campaign"

2. Choose "Create Data Capture"

*****We have made some recent changes to this screen. We are in the process of going through our help articles to make step-by-step updates to these articles. In the meantime, please review this video for instructions on creating/editing a new group******

3. Select the group (must have a keyword already) to link this data capture to.

4. Name your Data Capture

5. Edit the "First Message" section's left and right sides. For more information on how the left and right hand sides work, click HERE. This is the first message they will receive right after they text your keyword. *please note the name capture will be combined with this message too so make sure it "flows" well together"

6. Edit the "Capture name" section if you are using this capture. You can use merge fields in the right side message to make this step more personalized if we already have their name. 

7. If using email capture, edit the "Capture Email" section.  You can leave the right side blank to skip this message if we already have their email address too. 

8. Edit the Address capture for your prayer request question. Make sure you turn the Right side to "OFF" so the left side message is sent every time -regardless of if we have their prayer request from last time or it's a brand new one. This allows the latest prayer request to always overwrite the previous one.

9. Edit the "Last message" section. This is where you can thank them for submitting their prayer request, let them know it's been received, you will follow up shortly, etc. This message is only sent AFTER they have submitted the prayer request. You can turn the right side off to just send the left side message every time. 

10. You can then view prayer request in the group, under the address section. Or you can export the group members and all of their information and view/sort accordingly. 

Another (simpler but more manual) option is to just create a group with an data capture and use the last message to send the question you need information about. 

When they reply, any user assigned to that number will receive an email notification (if they have that option turned on in their notification settings) letting them know the name of the person, their phone number and their message that was sent. 

You can then forward that email to the appropriate person to handle the response however you needed.

**You can even add more automation and once you have prayed for them/taken care of/recorded their response, move them into a group linked to another Automated Message Campaign that sends them a message letting them know someone has prayed for them, etc - or manually send them a text letting them know.

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