Are you not able to sync your PCO lists? Are they not showing up in the integrations page? Check your PCO list settings first. 

Check to make sure the list is being shared with the same user user your PastorsLine account is using to integrate with. 

***Please note that we recommend creating a PCO log in just for the PastorsLine integration so the user will always be with your organization regardless of staff changes within your church. We don't recommend using your own or an existing staff member or volunteer PCO log in for this integration. Also, this is the user that people lists will need to be shared with so having a PastorsLine PCO login allows you to not clutter up your own workspace with people lists that may not apply to you specifically.

1. Go into your list, and select "Settings" 

2. Select the drop down under "Share with"

3. Select the option that is right for you according to how you set your user up, or share the list with the specific user (not recommended since you would need to do this process for every PCO list before integrating)

4. Once you have selected who to share this list with, go back to your PastorsLine account.

V3 Users: Here is the link to another help desk article with your next steps.

V2 Users: Continue as below.

Step 1: Click your name in the top, right corner and select "Integrations"

Step 2: Click "Choose lists to sync"

Step 3: Now click the "refresh" icon to refresh the list results. You should now be able to search for and see that list!

Step 4: Once you have toggled "on" to sync with that list, click one of the "Sync Lists" options to start that sync! Once the syncing is complete, you will receive an email and be able to view this list in the Groups Page.

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