This is only if you do not already have a people list created that you want synced to your PastorsLine group. If you want to pull a people list over into PastorsLine to be a synced group, click HERE.

1. Click "edit" next to your group you want to integrate. 

2. Toggle on "sync with external app", select "PCO (Beta)", and under "Select PCO list", choose "No List".

*You can also choose to add people who text keywords associated to this group to a PCO Workflow here. Simply toggle this on and choose the workflow you want to add them to.

3. Scroll down, and click "Save".

*If you have keywords associated to this group, you will see an option to "Save and Collect More Data". ONLY choose this if you want to save these group settings and automatically create a data capture linked to this group and keyword.

Now your group has been synced to PCO.

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