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V3: Syncing a Group with PCO (NOT using a List)
V3: Syncing a Group with PCO (NOT using a List)

Using "No list" to sync to Planning Center / PCO when you don't want to use PCO lists

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One way you can integrate PastorsLine with PCO is by integrating with just PCO itself, and NOT using a list at all. If you just want to integrate with and add people from PastorsLine to PCO, there is a "no list" option you can choose. This article will walk you through setting this up.

This is only if you do not want to integrate with a people list. If you want to pull a people list over into PastorsLine to be a synced group, click HERE.

1. Begin by clicking "Add New" from the left side of the screen (turquoise square shown in the image below), and then click "Group" (green square shown in the image below).

2. Next, click on "Integration" and then the PCO icon.

3. Now, click on the downward arrow to open your list menu (turquoise box in image below), and select "No List".

*Side note: If you wish to also integrate this group with a workflow, toggle on the Add To Workflow button. It will turn purple. Click on the downward arrow to select the workflow you wish. More information about integrating with a workflow here.

4. Name your group (turquoise box in image below).

5. Click Save at the bottom to confirm your changes.

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