If you want to create a PCO people list from a group you already created in Pastorline (that is not already synced with PCO), you can do this with a "reverse flow" of our normal integration. This is only if you do not already have a people list created that you want synced to your PastorsLine group.

1. Click "edit" next to your group you want to integrate. 

*****We have made some recent changes to this screen. We are in the process of going through our help articles to make step-by-step updates to these articles. In the meantime, please review this video for instructions on creating/editing a new group******

2. Toggle on "sync with external app", select "PCO (Beta)", and under "Select PCO list", choose "No List".

3. Scroll down, and click "Save".

4. This red clock icon means Smart syncing has started - let it automatch and go back about 10-15 min later and manually merge any profile that are still pending. (See this article HERE for information about smart syncing)

5. Now you can go into your Integrations page

And select "resync recent changes". This pushes the PastorsLine's group names into PCO for the next step.

6. Now you can go back into PCO and create your People List. 

7. Add a rule

8. Select the drop down menu for "select a condition"

9. Select "pastorsline.com (integration)" from the list

10. Now the rest of the fields will populate (check to make sure they are the same as pictured below). 

11. Now, you should see your PastorsLine Group name listed below with a check box next to it. Place a check mark next to the correct group, edit the name of our list if you'd like and click "submit" when finished.

Sometimes this does not populate right away, a little ninja trick to get it to show is to select "no list" and save. 

Then go back into the rules and you should see your group. Unselect "no list" and select the correct group.

12. Go back to your PastorsLine account and repeat step 5 in order to push the new lists you created in PCO into PL. 

13. Once the sync is complete, you can go back into your PL group, and click edit:

Then scroll down and select the list you created in PCO (instead of using "no list")

And click "save"

Now, you can "resync recent changes" one last time and after the sync is complete, when you go back to PCO and refresh that list's results, those people should show up on the list! 

Does it seem like contacts disappeared from the group in PL? Just resync that group and they will appear again!

**The reason you have to resync recent changes so many times during this process is the exchange of information is not automatic. If you make changes in PL and you want them to reflect right away in PCO, you need to resync. Same goes on the PCO side - if you make changes in PCO that you need to reflect in PL, you have to resync the account. With this process, we are making changes on one side and need those to update on the other side before we can go on to the next step.

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