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V3: Long/short code reprocessing: Who sent the original message?
V3: Long/short code reprocessing: Who sent the original message?

Your contact got several text messages via the same shortcode. To which longcode should his reply go? Check out the PastorsLine logic here.

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In the "old days"...

Your church sent a text message using a long code (10-digit, telephone number).

Then, the cell phone providers began a campaign to reduce phone spam. As a result of their restrictions, short codes and toll-free numbers came back into use.

What happens now

Your church has 1 phone number:

Let's say Jason Alexis (301-458-0402) receives a text from short code 77411 which was originally from YourChurch1 and User1 with Longcode1. When Jason Alexis replies to that message, it's set to User1 from YourChurch1 to Longcode1 (whether it's the sticky number or not). We know where to send it based on the statement above. Simple.

Your church has more than one number or the multicampus feature

In this case, the same short code (77411) may be used to send messages from different campuses, users, and long codes. For example: Jason Alexis (301-458-0402) receives a text from 77411 from YourChurch1 and User1 with Longcode1 AND he then receives another text from 77411 from YourChurch2 from User2 with Longcode2. Also, Jason Alexis may not receive just 2 messages, but several.

 When Jason Alexis replies to a message, to which Church/User/Longcode should his message be sent?

The PastorsLine Logic

We send both Church/User/Longcode combinations a follow-up message like the following:

Options 1 - 3 (or 1-5, etc.) would be the last three (5, etc.) different users who texted that number. These users may be from the same account or across different accounts. The user would have received texts from those numbers.

The subscriber would need to reply with say 1 or 2 or 3 (or 4 or 5, etc.) to say where the message should go.


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