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V3: Reformat your DOB column for importing
V3: Reformat your DOB column for importing

How to reformat your birthday column to match required MM-DD-YYYY format

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If you need to reformat your DOB (birthdate) column before importing into PastorsLine, you can do so by formatting the entire column all at once. 

First, in excel, highlight your DOB column (You can do this by clicking the letter of the column - for this example, I would click the letter "F" to highlight the entire column):

Next, Click "Format" at the top of the screen, and then select "Cells".

Now you can create a custom format. Click "Custom" for the category:

Now, under "Type", delete the text / letters from that box.

Now you can type your new custom format: MM-DD-YYYY

Click "Save"

Now you should see your column of DOB dates in the new, correct format:

Now you can continue to import your contacts. Click HERE to view that article. 

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