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V3: Unable to Display a Church or Organization Name or Custom Text as Caller ID
V3: Unable to Display a Church or Organization Name or Custom Text as Caller ID

Why this happens and two exceptions to the rule

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PastorsLine's purchased phone numbers can not be registered in the United States’ CNAM Caller ID database. Due to this limitation, most outbound calls from PastorsLine will display a caller ID of the number you leased from us. 

There are, however, two exceptions. Here are the details:

  1. Verify any number you own to use as a Caller ID on outbound calls. A non-PastorsLine's phone number (landline, office phone, etc.) with an existing Caller ID entry can be used to place calls from PastorsLine once the number has been verified on your account. Outbound calls from PastorsLine using this verified number should be indistinguishable from calls placed normally from this line.

  2. Host your traditional landline or business toll-free number to both send texts and place outbound calls. Hosted SMS provides a method for church partners to use PastorsLine to send and receive messages on voice-enabled numbers they already own as part of an established voice application. You can also use your landline as the "Caller ID" for voice broadcasts! On most phones, this "Caller ID" will show up when a text is sent as well. 

Please note that users who receive a call from your verified phone number and then try calling you back will be connected directly to the verified non-PastorsLine number. 

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