There are two ways to remove contacts from an Automated Message Campaign. This action removes contacts from the campaign and also deletes any pending, scheduled messages associated with that campaign. It does NOT remove them from any groups or data captures associated with that AMC.

Option 1 (best for bulk removal):

1. Go to your campaigns page and find your campaign you want to remove those contacts from.

2. Click the "view" icon next to that campaign to view the contacts.

3. Click the box next to the contact(s) you want to remove from the campaign.

4. Click "remove"

5. A confirmation box will appear asking you "Selected Contact(s) will be removed from the automated message. Are you sure you would you like to remove it?". Select "Remove"

For directions on manually ADDING people to the campagaing, click HERE.

Option 2 is no longer recommended as we are in the process of phasing out the Inbox 1.0: Please refer to this article HERE for directions on how to do this in the new HUB.

1. Go to your inbox and search for the contact by entering either their name or phone number in the search field. 

2. Click on the correct contact you want to remove from the campaign and a conversation box will open up.

3. On the far right side you will see the contact's details. 

4. Scroll down to where you see the "Automated Message Campaign" section.

5. Find the name of the campaign you want to remove them from, click it to highlight it and backspace to delete it from the list. 

6. Once it has been removed from the list, click the "save" icon in the top right corner. 

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