Currently, when you set up an AMC and names are added to that campaign, we set all the messages immediately. Hence, if you go back into that AMC and edit the sequences, those changes would only impact people after after you save it. 

We recognize that we may need to change this as we revamp our system, and this is already planned. You will love our new workflows we are working on—very intuitive and will give you the flexibility to edit campaigns that are already in progress. 

In the meantime, if you ever need to update the information for contacts already in an AMC, it might be better to  clone the campaign, REMOVE the names from the current campaign (or delete the campaign altogether which would delete the scheduled messages), , and add the names to this new campaign with the changes. 

Step 1: Clone your current Campaign

1. Go to your campaigns page, and find the campaign you need to clone.
2. Click the "clone" icon in the actions Menu

3. Next, make the changes you need and click "Save". (Remember, to help avoid resending messages the contacts in your current AMC might have already received, you can turn "off" or delete any messages you'd like in this newly cloned AMC)

Step 2: Remove Current Participants from "incorrect" AMC

1. Go to your campaigns page, and find the campaign you need to delete or remove contacts from (either option removes all scheduled AMC messages from the contacts who are currently in that AMC). 

2. Click the "view" icon in the actions Menu to view the participants of that AMC. Take note of the participants in this AMC so you can add them to the new AMC later. You can export this list if you need to as well (see step 3 and you will see the export option next to "remove"). Best case though, these people were added to the AMC by a group trigger and you will be able to add them all at once as a group.

3. Check the check box to select all the participants (or you can check off contacts individually). Then click "remove". 

*You may need to change the "show 25 per page" to remove everyone all at once. 

4. It will ask you if you are sure. And if you are, click "Remove".

Step 3: Add people to your newly edited / cloned campaign

1. Click on the Add People icon (which is a person with a ‘+’ sign next to it). The Add Contacts to this Scheduled Message box will open. 

2. Search for people via a name, phone number or group (hopefully, your original AMC was connected to a group and you can add them all at once by adding that group to the new AMC). 

3. Once the person or group is found and appears on the left hand side of the box, click on that person or group to put them on the add list on the right-hand side. 

4. When you are finished selecting people, click on Add to include them in your contacts or group(s).

Of course, planning out your campaigns before you start can help as well. Thanks for understanding. 

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