Mobile carriers may reject the text messages sent via PastorsLine.  There are known and unknown reasons why this happens.

Sprint and T-Mobile have simultaneously begun doing more aggressive filtering. As our vendor continues to work with carriers to allow for sending mass texts via a local, 10-digit number, we have decided to add more redundancies.

One of the known reasons carriers block messages is when mass text messages include URLs. The carriers’ machine learning software decides this activity is unusual, that it looks like a spammer’s phishing attempt. The chances of being blocked increase if the message includes specific known URL shorteners and things such as ‘’ or ‘’. Even worse is if it includes ‘http/https’.

Our main recommendation is to use secondary numbers to spread the load. We also suggest avoiding the known keywords that trigger blocking. Another help is to use the Rebrandly URL shortening service.

We have now integrated Rebrandly for you. We have used custom new domain names to attempt to bypass the carrier algorithms. These new names will more successfully deliver your messages across several domain names.

Custom PastorsLine domain names we are using.


Previously Used (retired)

Update A

We are removing the www. in front of all links sent to a group message as the WWW, though it ensures it appeared as a link, it casing your messages to being filtered. This is why we retired the short domain names that don't appear as links when sent.

Update B

When sending these links in group messages, the version that is shortened looks like which has been tested to our best ability to work on mobile OS SMS apps. The ones retired doesn't. In either case, if you just send the short domain alone, it may not be recognized as a URL at all but that should never be the case for your app. 

The continuing story...

We are in the process of getting our newly leased short code authorized by the carriers. 

At the moment, we are just waiting for carrier approval from AT&T and Verizon. Our new short code has been approved by the other carriers so far. 

We also learned of some issues which were happening when new accounts were sending group messages.Find more details 

We have now fixed this issue and ensured ALL accounts will now use this logic where we will always REMOVE the WWW when sending out a link. You shouldn't have to do anything moving forward.

Find out more details about the short code, the issues, and the fix here.


While we are doing our best to get you an approved short code, we understand that many of you would prefer to continue with the 10-digit long codes. True, the short code will get your messages processed more quickly, but the long code is less spammy-looking.

Hopefully, our workarounds and fixes will give you the best of both worlds: the power of a shortcode and the personal friendly touch of a local number. You shouldn't have anything to do now, but let us know if you are still seeing issues.

At the same time, we are looking forward to short code approval for those of you who prefer this route.

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