Here's what happens when you import a list of contacts into PastorsLine (PL):

  1. For contacts with a  phone number listed, if we find an exact match, then we do not import it into PL, if there is NO Match, then we create a new contact in PL.

  2. For contacts with no phone number listed, we try to match by first / last name, if there is a profile in PL with the same info already, then we do not create a new contact. If NO match is found,  we create a new contact in PL

The following conditions will cause some of your contacts to NOT be imported into PastorsLine (PL).

*side note, for contacts without numbers listed in the .csv file, we default it to 0. 

  1. We will exclude contacts IF the number is already existing in the DB. For example, if there is a record in your .csv file with the phone number 567-998-8777, and there is already a record in PL with the same phone number, then that would be excluded. 

  2. Also, if in your file, you have multiple contacts having the same phone number, we are only going to import the 1st one, and the other contacts would be excluded from the import.

For more information on HOW to import your contacts using a .csv file, check out this article HERE.

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