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V3: Creating a Guest Follow Up Workflow
V3: Creating a Guest Follow Up Workflow

How to create a guest follow up workflow / campaign Using keyword, Data captures (DC) and Automated Message Campaigns (AMC)

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Here is how you can create a guest follow up workflow from A-Z!

  1. Create a group with a keyword (on step 8 of this article slick "Save and Collect More Data")

  2. Add on a Data Capture:

  3. Create and add on an automated Message Campaign:

Now that your New guest workflow is set up, you are free to test it! If you are not already in the database, simply text the keyword to your number to see how it works. You can view the scheduled messages and make sure they are set for the right days in the inbox. 

If you are in the database, simply go to the contacts page, search for your phone number and delete any profiles associated with that number (these contacts cannot be restored so make sure that is ok). Then you can test the same way described previously. 

If you are in the database through one of our integrations, and you want to use your own contact info for testing, follow these steps HERE

Additional notes and tips:
Remember – Less is more sometimes. The purpose is to CONNECT and build relationships – not to flood them with a bunch of links and forms right away. While inviting and informing is a good thing, we recommend a two-touch process first. The first two messages should be adding value and building the relationship – thanking them for coming and then letting them know you hope to see them again next weekend.  They may not be comfortable giving more personal information or know if they want to be plugged in yet. 

You can manually add contacts into a automated message campaign. You can add them through the campaign page by clicking this “add contact” icon and searching for their name, or you can add a group of people by searching for a tag or a group. Check out this article HERE for more details!

 You can also add people in the inbox by editing their profile on the far right side, searching for and selecting the automated message campaign name OR if your automated message campaign is set up to be triggered by group, you can also add them to that group and then click save on their profile.

 We allow you to do multiple things from the main pages like the inbox, contacts page, groups page and the campaigns page in order to reduce the amount of clicking around required to “get the job done”, making it more convenient for you!

 You can even add a new contact and drop them straight into an automated message campaign all at the same time, right from the inbox! This could be really powerful for churches who manually enter in names, or have a check in kiosk for new guests!

 If your campaign is set up to be triggered by group, you can add people into your campaign by adding the contact (or multiple contacts) to that group. You can add people into groups through the inbox, the contacts page, or the groups page. In the contact page or the groups page, you can select and copy one person at a time, or choose multiple people at once. Check out this article HERE for more information. 

 One last way a contact or group of contacts can be added into an automated message campaign is through using our integrations.  If you have a group or list of people in your Church management software and you sync that group to a group that is set up with an Automated Message campaign, all of those contacts will automatically be put into your campaign.

 Once a person has entered your campaign, you can view the scheduled messages in the contact’s conversation box OR you can click the scheduled messages filter (the calendar icon in the inbox), choose "single" and see all of your scheduled messages there.

 You can view, edit and delete scheduled messages in the conversation box as well.

One final note: If you make any changes to your Automated Message Campaign (like message, scheduled date or time, etc), after people have already been entered into the process, those changes will NOT be reflected for them. They will only be applied going forward - to anyone NEW to the campaign. 

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