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V3: Why you might want to use multiple numbers (Multinumber)
V3: Why you might want to use multiple numbers (Multinumber)

You can add an additional number and help end inbox madness with our multinumber option

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Multinumber gives you the option to have more than one phone number for the same one for the Pastor and one for each of his or her main team one or two for different ministries or purposes.  Think prayer request hotline that you may only want 1 or 2 people to have access to for privacy reasons. You can have one phone number on your account designated for prayer requests.

Having multiple numbers allows you to filter out the inbox so you aren't seeing ALL the messages for ALL the pastors / ministries mixed together. Filtering the inbox allows you to look at one ministry's conversations at a time.

All keywords work with all the numbers on the account. So you can set up one keyword and have them text that keyword to any number on your account and the automations will be triggered according to how you have the keyword set up. to work.

This article has been updated - please check out step by step guide HERE

If they are not already included in your plan, additional numbers are 125 credits per number per month. 

See our plans HERE for additional info on how many numbers come with your plan . You can also check out this article HERE for more information on how the credits and numbers work.

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