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V3: If you are going to another project which does not use Twilio (porting out)
V3: If you are going to another project which does not use Twilio (porting out)

Transfer your number away from PastorsLine to another vendor.

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We are sorry to see you go. You are welcome back at anytime. This article is about porting out / transferring your number from PastorsLine to another vendor that doesn't use Twilio. If they do, you can follow this guide instead

The steps involved in transferring your number away from us to a vendor who doesn't use Twilio begins with the gaining carrier. Letting us know that you intend to transfer, alerts us to be on the look out for this incoming request. 

The typical steps MAY include the following. 

Step 1: Contact the mobile carrier to whom you wish to port your number(s).

The carrier will most probably require you to complete a Letter of Authorization (LOA). Please note that portability rules vary by country, and not all countries provide for portability. Nevertheless, in countries where porting is available, the process generally works as described below.


An LOA is a letter of authorization that allows us through our vendor (Twilio) to get approval to enable texting on your landline, toll-free or VoIP number you already own. It's one of the steps in the process, as discussed below.

Signing this LOA does authorize us to change your SMS carrier (NOT your calling carrier) to our vendor. This is NOT permanent or a transfer of ownership and can be changed anytime in the future.

Information you may need to include

  • Account Number / Account SID (last 10 digits as shown):  ***************08fbd52023

  • Service Address: 

Fluid Ministry, LLC
2885 Sanford Ave SW
Grandville, MI 49418-1342
United States

  • Include a copy of your bill 

  • if the "winning" carrier asks for a pin #, please contacts us at [email protected] so we can request that for you.

Step 2: Wait until the port out has been completed.
Do not cancel your account with us before the transfer is complete and you have verified that your number works with your new carrier. 

NOTE: For your protection from unauthorized port-aways, a mismatch in information between your request and our records may result in your port request being rejected.

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