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V3: If you are going to another project which uses Twilio
V3: If you are going to another project which uses Twilio

Port out your number but stay with Twilio

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We hate to see you go, and you are welcome back at anytime. 

Transferring from our platform to a platform that uses Twilio can be a faster process. 

This is considered an internal transfer within Twilio's platform which can be done by the Twilio Support Team.

(***If the gaining company does NOT use Twilio, then you would need to follow these steps.***)

Here are the steps involved in doing an internal transfer:

NOTE: Both the Twilio project you are in now (PastorsLine - Account SID****************fbd52023) and the project you are going to must agree to the move. We will always agree once your account remains active. Don't cancel your account with us until this process is complete. Here's how to cancel

Step 1: Gaining Project/Company to initiate the process. 

Ask the gaining project/company to create a ticket with Twilio support including

  • the numbers to move, 

  • their Account SID for the project, 

  • our Account SID for the project (Account SID******************d52023), 

  • and include a request to proceed with an internal transfer from PastorsLine pending approval.

Step 2: Send us the ticket # and details

Once the gaining project/company has created a ticket within the Twilio support, you (the client) would need to send us ([email protected]

  • the specific Twilio ticket number, 

  • the last 6 numbers of the gaining project/company's Twilio Account SID

  • any desired transfer date (ASAP or transfer on <date/time>) 

  • along with a final approval statement from you (the client) to proceed with the transfer. 

Step 3: We will create an identical ticket with Twilio to complete the process.

We (the losing project/company) will then create an identical ticket with Twilio with this ticket number, gaining Account SID (last 6 digits) along with our approval to complete the internal transfer. 

NOTE: Remember that the configuration of Twilio numbers is lost when a transfer happens. The gaining support team would be notified when this transfer is complete and would then need to complete the mapping configurations to their system. 

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