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V3: How many simultaneous integrations can I enable at the same time in PastorsLine?
V3: How many simultaneous integrations can I enable at the same time in PastorsLine?

Different levels of integrations and how many can be enabled simultaneously in each plan.

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ON ALL OUR PASTORSLINE PLANS...we offer unlimited, free integrations.

Our business model is to include all our integrations for free, so you can use which integrations are best for your church. So, to answer your question: As many as we offer (which is 6 at the moment: Breeze, Elvanto, Mailchimp, Planning Center Online, Pushpay/CCB, and Rebrandly).


Managing data is important but not always easy. On the one hand, we know how important it is to get rid of data silos (where you have different data in different places). On the other, we also know that having an all-in-one system is never ideal because most all-in-one systems do everything ‘ok’ but nothing really well.

So, we’ve taken an ‘AND’ approach.

We’ve created PastorsLine to be the best at mobile communication, including text and voice messaging. We want you to be able to use other ‘best at’ apps for your other needs such as a super app for sending emails and a church management system (ChMS) for managing your church database(s).

Hence, PastorsLine integrations.  
We’ve made this process easy for you, so you can connect your data and avoid mistakes. As often as we can, we’ve built two-way integrations (pull data in to PastorsLine from your other app + push data back from PastorsLine to your other app). 

Integrations are expensive.  
Each integration costs thousands and thousands of dollars to build (design, code and test) and hundreds more to maintain each month. Most businesses would charge a ‘per app fee’ to help recover their development costs. 

But for churches, we know it’s all about ministry, and we support this approach. So, we’ve chosen to spread our development costs over many people, ‘sharing the load’ so to speak. In this way, PastorsLine’s pricing stays sensible—and possible—for most churches.

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