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V3: Can I use MMS with Hosted SMS / Text-enabled numbers?
V3: Can I use MMS with Hosted SMS / Text-enabled numbers?

Using MMS with PastorsLine Hosted SMS / Text-enabled numbers

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USA and Canada local and toll-free numbers can be hosted for SMS+MMS.

Information required to host a number with PastorsLine is as follows:

  • The Authorized user's first and last name and Organization Name, if applicable. An Authorized user is an individual who is a decision maker for the phone number.

  • The corresponding service address associated with the phone number. This must be an actual physical address (PO Boxes are not considered valid service addresses).

        Note: All phone numbers have an address associated with them.  

  • An email address will receive the Letter of Authorization (LOA) document to be signed electronically.

  • A Letter of Authorization (LOA) signed by the authorized user of the number(s). The LOA will need to be completed and signed electronically and will be generated during the submission process.


An LOA is a letter of authorization that allows us through our vendor (Twilio) to get approval to enable texting on your landline, toll-free or VoIP number you already own. It's one of the steps in the process, as discussed below.

Signing this LOA does authorize us to change your SMS carrier (NOT your calling carrier) to our vendor. This is NOT permanent or a transfer of ownership and can be changed anytime in the future.

        Note 1: Up to 15,000 numbers can be included on one Authorization Document (LOA).

        Note 2: The information and signature on your LOA must match the authorized end user's name and service address provided by their current voice provider, and it must be signed in order for your submission to process.

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