You can initiate hosting of your number via the PastorsLine Console. You can try this for free during our 30-day trial. PastorsLine will require you to complete ownership verification and LOA signature.


After you submit your Hosted SMS request, the number goes through a 3-stage onboarding process:

  1. Preliminary eligibility check: Our system verifies that the number is in a valid format and from an allowed country and type.
  2. If the number passes this check, we create a Hosted Number entry for it in your PastorsLine Console in the "PastorsLine processing' status.
  3. SMS eligibility check: We verify that the number is not already SMS-enabled. A number that is already marked as SMS-enabled with its current provider cannot be used for Hosted SMS on PastorsLine. If the number is not currently SMS enabled, the Hosted Number Order will move to the 'received' status.
  4. Verify Ownership: Once a number passes both eligibility checks, you will be able to browse to the number in your Hosted Numbers list in the  Console and place a verification call to the number.
  5. Sign an electronic LOA: After the number has been verified, you will need to create an electronic LOA that will be sent to the email address specified for signature.
  6. Enable Hosted SMS: When the eLOA is signed, the number will be moved to 'carrier processing' where the SMS registration will take place and then be tested for inbound connectivity. Once the test passes, the number will be provisioned to your account.
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