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V3: What is multicampus?
V3: What is multicampus?

Adding another organization within PastorsLine.

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There are a few ways we allow you to #EndInboxMadness. 

  1. Multinumber gives you the option to have more than one phone number for the same one for the Pastor and one for each of his or her main team one or two for different reasons.  

  2. Multiuser allows you to have more than one user and assign each user a role and permissions. 

  3. Multi-keywords is the option to use more than one keyword for the same campaign. Perhaps your campaign keyword is ‘Easter’. You can now catch misspellings by including ‘Eester’ and ‘Ester’ as well. Also, since the Pastor keeps mentioning “our Easter revival service”, some people are going to text in ‘Revival’ even though your posters clearly show ‘Easter’ as the keyword.

In addition to the three above, we offer you a fourth way to #EndInboxMadness—another organizational level: multicampus. You can think of a ‘campus’ as a ‘division’ of your church. Divisions could be groups, church sites, church plants, departments, partners, etc. 

Who would use this option?

District pastors; pastors with several church plants; churches with more than one physical location; churches that regularly partner with other churches; a group of churches under one umbrella; and any church which wants their divisions to be collective yet independent. 

What are the benefits?

There are many reasons why you would want to use our new multicampus option:

  • You can layer on new organization(s) without having to completely redo the entire setup process. For example, data sets are shared.

  • Billing is separate, offering more budgetary control.

  • The campus autonomy means that each division can choose campaigns and strategies which work best for their audiences, including ones which other divisions do not wish to use. This leads to greater team creativity and a higher outcome impact 

  • Relationships with your contacts become more personal. Our platform funnels people directly to the campus process queues which are right for them. So, contacts tend to have both text and face-to-face relationships with the same church staff for a deeper church experience.

  • Found a great keyword for a campaign? Share it with all your campuses. Since your phone numbers are unique per campus, your keywords don’t have to be. This gives a more uniform, cohesive structure to your overall church campaigns and events (like ‘branding’ in marketing), so each guest and user has the same ‘your church’ experience no matter which campus they are at.

  • Simplify your Inbox with our campus filter. Each campus sees only those incoming/outgoing messages which are relevant to them. You or your super admin can switch back and forth between your accounts’ screens to get a more-or-less idea of what’s what...without extra expense.

  • Segment your data so your analytics and reports are more accurate and informative.

To set up a multicampus

Here is the link to the "how to" walkthrough:

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