NOTE: The above video shows screens from a previous PastorsLine version. However, the info may still be useful. The steps below are still relevant.

How to View at which stage each person has reached in your Automated Messages Campaigns

Step 1: Go to your Campaigns page. Select the relevant campaign. 

Step 2: Click on the View icon (which looks like an eye). The Automated Message Campaign Details page will open. You will see a list of all the people in this campaign.

Step 3: To find where the person is in the campaign process, first look at the Status column to find out if the person has completed the campaign or is still ‘active’ (in process). If active, look at the Next Step column to find out which next step they are due to receive. 

Step 4: To filter your selection, look at the taps to the left of the “Show per page” menu. You can filter by: people in the campaign; overall progress such as completed, active, completed duplicate times; campaign step; by date.

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