Note for V3 Users: January 2023

The above video is for PastorsLine V2. However, the general logic is the same.

You can link data capture (FKA autoresponder) to other automations by using additional keywords.

For example, the last message in your ‘data capture’ autoresponder could be the message, “Interested in joining a small group? Text “South, East, or North” to tell us which campus you would most likely attend”.

Each of those campus names would be linked to its own group with a single auto-response message OR it can also be linked to an Automated Message Campaign where you can schedule out a series of messages to be sent. *If integrated with CCB, each keyword can be linked to a separate process queue as well!

Another option is you can ask for keyword replies for more information within the automated message campaigns. If you already have a guest follow up workflow created in PastorsLine (or if you want to create one), you could add a message asking for them to reply with a keyword to trigger automations related to that keyword. For example: "We are excited to connect with you more - if you would like more information on baptism, reply with BAPTIZE, if you would like more information on our small groups, reply with GROUP..." etc. 

To put this ninja trick into play, create a new group and campaign for each keyword you use so when subscribers respond to the last message of the data capture (FKA autoresponder) with one of those keywords, they will start another series of automations that you set up. 

For information on how to create a data capture:


For information on how to create a simple group auto response:


Full article about Groups View

Add New Group section in article

And for information on how to create an Automated Message Campaign, go HERE.
For more help on which campaign you should use, check out this article HERE.

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