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V3: Re-using an existing data capture
V3: Re-using an existing data capture

How to re-use / link an existing data capture to a new group.

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First, make sure your data capture is "released" already, and not currently attached to a group. If it is still connected to a group, go to this article HERE to see how to release / unlink the data capture. ***We suggest opening the new article in a new tab, so you can return here more easily.***

Step 1: Create a new group with a keyword, or edit an existing group to add a keyword. Make sure that after you have created your group or made the edits, you click "SAVE" (green box below) and not "Save and collect more Data")

***We suggest opening either link below in a new tab,

so you can return to this article easily.***

Step 2: Click on Add New (+ sign) and then choose Campaigns.

Step 3: Find the data capture you wish to work with. Click on Options and then click on Edit.

Step 4: Click on the downward arrow (green box below). Select the new group with a keyword that you just created in Step 1.

***Only groups with keywords will show up on this list.***

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save". 

You have now connected your data capture to a new group and it is ready for use!

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