First, make sure your data capture is "released" already, and not currently attached to a group. If it is still connected to a group, go to this article HERE to see how to release / unlink the data capture.

  1. Create a new group with a keyword, or edit an existing group to add a keyword.  (see directions on how to do that HERE - but double check after you have created your group or made the edits, make sure you click "SAVE" and not "Save and collect more Data")
  2. Go to your Campaigns page

3. Find the campaign you wish to re-use, and click the "edit" icon (the pencil) next to the campaign.

4. In the first drop down box at the top, select the new group with a keyword that you just created in step 1. *Only groups with keywords will show up on this list.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save". 

You have now connected your data capture to a new group and it is ready for use!

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