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V3: Solution for... Multicampus
V3: Solution for... Multicampus

Options for multicampus set up

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Does your church have multiple campuses? That is, do you have a main church and several other divisions or locations? Or perhaps you partner with other churches on a regular basis? If so, then the PastorsLine multi-organization feature can help you better organize and connect.

Some of our PastorsLine multicampus clients prefer to use one account, adding admins and users, and assigning groups to coordinate things. But others prefer having separate accounts—one per campus—and then joining these together via the main campus email.

The multicampus setup adds lots of value:

You can separate data (for campus specific analytics) and billing (for better budget management) beyond just roles.

KEYWORDS can be consistent since each number is different: ex. WELCOME to 99933335555 (Campus A) will trigger a different campaign than WELCOME to 99933336666 (Campus B).

Contact management is streamlined: People are funneled directly to the relevant campus-specific process queues; only applicable groups are imported to the campus; items in the campus Inbox are for that campus only, so no need to sift through irrelevant messages. Even better, church teams handling those contacts are campus-specific, so they develop more personal relationships with their contacts.

Campus creativity is enhanced: There are many paths to the same destination. Multicampus allows each campus to do the same thing in different ways AND to do things that other campuses may not wish to do.

Overall, multicampus gives your church a more informed, efficient and organized PastorsLine experience.

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