Q: What happens when I remove someone from PL, if that group is synced with CCB?

A: If you delete a contact from the Contacts page, we will show this person as “deleted” and flag their account to not receive messages. So even if you re-sync with CCB and their info is updated, it will still show as “deleted” and you will be unable to send any messages to that contact. If you want to undo this delete, you can click "restore" on their profile.

If you block a contact from the Contacts page, the contact will not be able to send any text messages to PastorsLine and vice versa.

If you unsubscribe a contact from the Contacts page, this contact will not get any more texts from PastorsLine, but they will still be able to text you..

You can also change the status of a contact within a group. From the Groups and Keywords page, click on the ‘eye’ icon to view the Group Details page. To delete a contact from the group, click on the ‘trashcan’ icon next to their name. The contact will be deleted from receiving messages associated with this group but will receive all other messages. You can restore the contact to this group at any time.

NOTE: Under no circumstances, will any action on PastorsLine cause a full removal (make inactive) of a contact from CCB.  

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