When a contact opts into PastorsLine (PL) through a Pushpay/CCB synced group, the PL system searches for that number within the PL database first. 

If the number is found, then no new profile is set up in CCB. If that number is not found, the PL system then searches the CCB database on the theory that perhaps that number has been added between syncs. 

Again, if the number is found, no new profile is set up in CCB. If the number is NOT found after checking the PL database AND your CCB database, a new profile is set up in your CCB DB immediately. 

Tip: If you want to use our “digital connect texts” but don’t want this profile creation to occur, you can set up your campaign to sync to a PL-only group. Then, once the information is confirmed, you can turn on the CCB sync to get your information added to CCB.

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