Q: When a person texts in, does PastorsLine create a contact? And does it update the data in the CCB system?

A: Yes and yes. Here’s what happens: When a person texts in and a Data capture (FKA autoresponder) kicks in, the PastorsLine system begins the data capture and sets up a profile. This profile can later be exported to other systems you are already using.

For CCB users who have switched the PastorsLine-CCB integration to ‘on’, the system searches for the texted-in phone number among your existing CCB contacts. If the phone number is not found, the system creates a new profile including the name, email address and telephone number. If the phone number is found, the system checks the profile data and prompts the texter to add any missing information. For example, if the email is missing, the system will msg the texter to text back their email. Same for the name and/or phone number. In other words, the system automatically makes sure that the profile is complete so you don’t have to.

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