When you join PastorsLine, your telephone number is unique to you. In order to reserve it for your use only; keep our servers up and running so that everything is in place, ready to go when you are; and continue to improve our already pretty great system, there are some shared costs. Makes sense, right? Thus, PastorsLine does not offer a strict ‘pay as you go’ option.

Here’s what we suggest: Our least costly annual plan is $150, including a bucket of 6000 credits—that’s $12.50 per month or 41 cents per day. From what we’ve seen, ‘paying as you go’ several times a year will add up to about the same cost overall AND you probably won’t be getting a platform as comprehensive and user-friendly as ours. Plus, we offer some great integrations to apps you may already be using. If you find yourself texting more often and running out of credits, you can always buy a ‘one time’ bucket of credits.

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