The core of what allows you to do is build relationships. Choose this option if you are ready to connect with your audience or groups. Real-time, 2-way, SMS chats are great relationship builders. Now, like other instant messenger tools (Think: Skype, Google Talk), your church can connect with its subscribers via SMS. It’s a now, at the moment, more personal way to connect.
 Some important features of this SMS Chat are:

  • Searching via number and name (if available).
  • Receiving browser notes alerts for new messages while on the chat page.
  • Managing contacts via favorites tags and favorites filters.
  • Inserting previously-created templates to improve conversation flow.
  • Personalizing the conversation by including tag fields such as [Name], [Email], [Phone], and [Birthday].
  • Scheduling contact appointment reminders and messages inside the chat.
  • Inserting links such as shorter links or filestack interface links (giving you 20 cloud sources from which to select files).
  • Downloading the chat history of each chat for followup and data analysis.
  • Adding new contacts directly via SMS chat.
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