How to Clone your Campaigns

Step 1: Go to your Campaigns page. Find the campaign you wish to clone. At the moment, it must be either an Automated or Data Capture campaign. 

Step 2: Click on the Clone icon (which looks like several sheets of paper one after the other). The Clone Data Capture Campaign box will open. 

Step 3: Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm. The page that opens will show your cloned campaign. You will note that all the verbiage and settings will be identical to your original campaign. 

Step 4: Choose the group with whom you wish to connect this cloned campaign. The group selected must already have a keyword. If the group does not yet have a keyword, you will need to create one in the Group Settings. Once you select the group, Create Keyword will automatically be populated with their keyword.  

Step 5: Leave Campaign Name as is (a copy) or rename as desired.

Step 6: Review the settings, making tweaks as desired. 

Step 7: To finish the process, click on Save.

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