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V3: FAQ - Account verification codes
V3: FAQ - Account verification codes

Trying to get verification codes or one-time pins on your PastorsLine number? Unfortunately, this is not supported. Read more.

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Unfortunately, receiving verification codes on your PastorsLine numbers is not supported in many cases. Instead, you will need to receive this verification code on a number outside of PastorsLine instead. This applies to hosted SMS as well.

Why is this not supported by our carrier?

Often, these codes come from short codes. Many services that send with short codes only support sending SMS to actual mobile numbers.

PastorLine numbers are all VoIP numbers, and therefore cannot receive messages from many short codes. We have also seen that Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon (along with many other services) will simply not send these codes to a VoIP number either.

These codes by design are supposed to go to mobile numbers, not VoIP numbers. For consistent delivery, we recommend having these messages sent to a real mobile number, instead of a PastorsLine number.


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