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V3: Do you work with the United Kingdom market?
V3: Do you work with the United Kingdom market?

You can definitely use PastorsLine to text the UK. Find out more about this attractive option.

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Yes, we do. In fact, we have a number of church partners who are doing it successfully. The low prices and free phone numbers make PastorsLine an attractive digital communication tool when texting the United Kingdom.

NOTE: All UK prices are an estimated local currency conversion based on rates at the time of writing.


Each plan comes with at least one free PastorsLine UK number. The higher the plan, the more free phone numbers are included. However, you can always purchase more numbers at a cost of UK 2.40 per number.


Currently, for the UK, each sent text costs 1 credit. The cheapest monthly plan, UK 12.- per month, comes with 500 messaging credits a month. That means you would be able to send 500 SMS every month. Need more messages? Our UK 24.- per month plan comes with 1,250 messaging credits. This means that you would be able to send 1,250 SMS each month.

Note: A message is defined as 160 characters. Longer messages will use more messaging credits.


Unlimited integrations, Unlimited regular keywords and Unlimited short code keywords.

Check out our United Kingdom pricing here:

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