V3: Planning Center Workflows

Integrate your PastorsLine groups with your Planning Center (PCO) workflows

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Our integration with PCO workflows is a one-way out sync. Meaning we only add people TO the workflow in PCO. We do not bring anyone who is added to the workflow into your PL group. This article will walk you through setting this up.
NOTE: Before you begin...Who set up your API?

Did the person who initially set up your API connection have access to the workflow(s), list(s), etc. which you are accessing? If not, the things you are trying to do may not work. Please take a moment to check this first.


You will first need to start with a PCO integrated group in PastorsLine. Do you have one?

Yes I have a group already. Take me to Part II.


Step 1: Get into Groups view (turquoise box in image below).

Step 2: Open your Groups - All sub-category (gold box in image below).

Step 3: Search for the group you want to connect to a workflow in PCO. (Green circle in image above)

Step 4: Click on the group name you wish to connect to a workflow. The group details will open up (gold line in image below).

Step 5: Click on the Integrations tab (turquoise box in image above).

The following info box will pop up:

Add to work flow (turquoise #1 in image above): Toggle this button on to add this group to one of your PCO workflows.

After you toggle on the button, another field will display:

Click on the dropdown menu to choose the relevant workflow.

If Recipient Has Already Entered This Workflow Then Skip (turquoise #2 in image above): Toggle this button on to ignore people and not re-add people who are already in the selected workflow.

Here is how a fully completed "sync to workflow" group might look:

Notice that both toggle buttons are purple and a workflow has been selected.

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