V3: Claiming a gift of credits
There are many reasons PastorsLine will award you credits. Here's how to claim them.
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There are all kinds of reasons PastorsLine will award you credits:

  • a promotion

  • an anniversary

  • a bonus for watching webinars

  • a "thanks" for feedback

and even "just because" credits - - really any reason we might have to gift, reward, or in some cases reimburse credits.


When you are logged in to PastorsLine, you will see Gifts (package with bow icon + blue dot) near your thumbnail. Check it out in the yellow box in the image below.


Step 1: Click on Gifts. The Claim Your Gift box will pop up. The message will show you the number of gift credits plus the reason for this gift. Below are two examples.

In the image above, it says "Congratulations! You have received 150 credits from PastorsLine.com Thanks for the feedback!"

In the image above, it says "Congratulations! You have received 200 credits from PastorsLine.com Happy 1 year anniversary with PastorsLine! We are so glad you're with us!"

Step 2: Click on the Claim Credits button (see images above). The Assign Credits box will pop up.

Step 3: You will see a list of your PastorsLine accounts (at least one but you may have several). Choose the account to which you wish to assign your gift credits (brown box in image above). Then click on Confirm (turquoise box in image above).

Here's an example: We have chosen Annes Test Account.

The Confirm button is now purple. We click on it to continue.

Step 4: The screen will refresh. The message in your Claim Gift box has changed. It will now show that you have successfully added your gift credits to the account you chose.

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