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V3: Getting started with/setting up the Planning Center integration
V3: Getting started with/setting up the Planning Center integration

How to set up the Planning Center (PCO) integration

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2023 July Update

Your integrations are now separated into Active and Inactive. See turquoise boxes & arrows in the image below.


We recommend creating a PCO profile (log in / account / user) just for the PastorsLine--PCO integration. In this way, the user will always be with your organization regardless of staff changes within your church. We don't recommend using your own or an existing staff member or volunteer PCO profile for this integration.

In any case, your PCO profile needs to have manager / people access, and any people lists you want to sync into PastorsLine will need to be shared with them.

Having a PastorsLine PCO login allows you to not clutter up your own workspace with people lists that may not apply to you specifically.


Step 1

Log in to PastorsLine.

Step 2

Click on Integrations and then choose Manage My Integrations (blue box in image to the left).

Step 3: The Integrations page will open (see example in the 3 images below).

Step 4: The Planning Center Online (PCO) integration will be under the Inactive tab (see images above).

Step 5: Toggle on the button. It will turn purple.

***Toggle buttons: greyed out is OFF, purple is ON.

Step 6: Make sure the correct country code is selected and click “Authorize Application”

You will then be taken to a screen where you can log into your PCO account. If you are already logged into your PCO account as this PastorsLine user, this step will be skipped.

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected back to your PastorsLine account and the sync will begin.

You will receive an email once the sync has completed.


You will need to go back and choose which lists you would like to send to PastorsLine. To do this:

1. Go back to your Integrations page. Click here to go back to the top of this article for a refresher.

2. Under “Planning Center Online”, click the option “Select List(s) to Sync”.

3. The Sync lists from PCO box will open. To choose a list to sync, toggle on its switch. The switch will turn purple.

Want to make sure your info is up-to-date? Click on Refresh Data (brown boxes in image below).

Don't see the list(s) you are looking for? Click on Load More (turquoise boxes in image below). If you still do not see your lists, check to make sure the list is being shared with the same user that your PastorsLine account is using to integrate with. For more info on this, check out this article HERE.

Finished choosing your list(s)? Click on Sync Lists (gold boxes in image below).

4. Once the Lists have finished syncing, they will show up in the “Groups” page.

Now you are all set up! You can start texting any of your PCO contacts—and even text an entire list all at once!

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