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V3: SMS Birthday wishes
V3: SMS Birthday wishes
How to set up a text message birthday wishes campaign.
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If you have collected your subscribers’ birthdays when they opted-in to your SMS list via data capture, or if you enabled two-way syncing of DOB, you can use that data to personally wish them many happy returns on their special day. Here are the easy-to-do steps: (For a "Ninja Trick" if you would like to send Automated SMS using dates other than DOB: Planning Center users, check out this article HERE)

The PastorsLine system sends personalized birthday wishes on each church member’s special day. *The system checks for and sends that day's birthday messages at 7AM PST / 9AM CST / 10AM EST

Here's a step by step on how to create your Birthday SMS campaign:

  1. Go to your Campaigns page:


Click on Campaigns (lighting bolt icon, turquoise box in image below).


From your Dashboard, in the Add New section (turquoise box in image below), click on Campaign.

2. Select "Create new campaign".

3. Select "Create SMS birthday" from the list.

4. Type your BIRTHDAY CAMPAIGN NAME on the relevant line.

5. Click on the downward arrow to select the group you have already set up with contacts whose birthdays you have from the list OR click on the purple "Add new" button to create a new group for this campaign.

6. Type out your personal Birthday message using merge fields for that extra personal touch

7. Click on the purple downward arrow to choose your "Sending as" number.

8. Select your # of days before birthday. Keeping the number at "0" will send the message ON their birthday at 9am. You can change that number to 1 to send the day before, or 2 to send 2 days before and so on.

9. Click Save and your birthday SMS campaign is ready to go!

To update your contact's DOB:

Currently, there are three ways to update the DOB in your contact's profile. Manual, through a data capture or by enabling two-way syncing of DOB.

To update the DOB in your contact's profile manually, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on People view (person icon in image to the left).

Step 2: Choose the person whose birthdate you wish to edit. Their details will open to the right.

Step 3: Scroll down the Individual Details panel to find Birthday. Hover around this line until the purple Edit appears (brown box in image to the left). Click on it.

Step 4: Type in the new birthdate.

Step 5: Click Save to complete your action.

Using our birthday SMS campaigns is a powerful way to connect even more with your guests and members!

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