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V3: Groups -- Group Details -- Integrations Tab
V3: Groups -- Group Details -- Integrations Tab

Information about the PastorsLine - ChMs/App integrations you are using for a group.

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The Integrations Tab allows you to see, edit and sync integrations present in the group.


Step 1

When logged into V3 of PastorsLine, Click on GROUP (group of people icon, brown circle and 1 in image below).

Step 2

Click on the category/sub-category you wish to look at. In our case, we clicked on Named (gold box and #2 in image above).

Step 3

From the sub-menu which opened, we clicked on Friends (blue box and 3 in image above). The details will open to the right.

Step 4

Select the Integrations Tab.
Let's look at what you will see...


Heart icon: Click to add to Favorites.
​Speech bubble icon: Click to show SMS messages.

Phone icon: Click to see Voice messages.

Plus (+) icon: Click to add New members.

3 dot action menu: Click to show more actions.

NOTE that the Plus (+) icon (turquoise box in image above) AND Add Members action (gold box in image above) are not shown in the image below. The reason is that the image below is from the Integrations tab of a 1-way in group. As a result, you cannot add people to this group on the PastorsLine side.


You will see 'boxes' with information. The information you see depends on the PastorsLine - ChMS/App integration(s) you are using.

Example 1

This tells you about the group: which integration it is, the name of the group, and the type of the group.

Example 2

This summary shows you the number of people in this integrated group.

Hover in the upper, right-hand corner to reveal a link to your integration.
Click on it to view this group's information in your ChMS or app.

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