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V3: How to create a new contest
V3: How to create a new contest

Using the latest version of PastorsLine? Here's how to create a contest.

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One of the secrets to strong relationships is keeping in touch. Yet, how much new stuff do we have to say on a daily (or even every few days) basis? A way around that is SMS contests.

Most everyone likes winning. It doesn’t even have to be for an actual prize. Just knowing that we won makes us feel good, feel special, feel noticed. Text to Win campaigns keep you in touch with your church members and keep them interested in you.

What could you do?

  • ‘Market’ a church workshop series by setting up a relevant, daily Bible question.

  • ‘Advertise’ a youth summer camp with several, well-timed, coupon codes for discounts on the cost of the camp.

  • ‘Entice’ attendance at a church music event by offering reserved seats to those who text in the ‘secret phrase’.

How to get to the new contest campaign page

After you log in to PastorsLine...

Step 1

Click on Create New (top item in left-hand most column). The Create New box will open.

Step 2

By default, you will be in the All tab. You can search for your campaign type here OR...

Step 3: Click on the Campaigns tab. This will narrow down your options for easier selection.

Step 4: Click on Create Contest.

The Add New Contest page will open.

OPTION 1: Do you like to learn by watching? Here is a walkthrough video:

The video below shows another way to get to a new contest campaign page. However, once you are there, the create process is the same.


Complete the information on the Add new contest screen (messages + keyword) and click Save.

You can have people text your keyword to a long code (your telephone number or one of your telephone numbers) or send your contest details to a group with a message letting them know the keyword to reply with in order to enter the contest.

To send a contest to a group via their phones:

Step 1: Go to your Campaigns page.

Step 2: Find the contest you want to send.

Step 3: Click on Options and choose Send (blue box in image above, closeup below).

Step 4: Use the drop down menu to select the group you want to send the contest to. Add a message, choose whether or not to rotate through your multiple long codes (if you have more than one telephone number), and click SEND. Your contest has now been sent to all the contacts in the group you chose.

To have people opt in by texting the keyword to a long code: Tell the people about the contest from the stage during a event, by email, on your church’s Facebook page, or in a brochure / on a poster in the church foyer. Your message will say something like “Text the [KEYWORD] to [888-123-3454] to WIN [this thing]”. You can use one of our free, promo templates here.

To see and acknowledge the winner:

Step 1: On the Contest page, find the contest you want to check.

Step 2: Click on Options and choose Winners (blue box in image above, closeup below).

Step 3: You will see the winning phone number. This is a random system choice.
*If you wish, you can select a different random person to win; Click cancel and repeat step 1 to choose a different or another winner.
*At this time, only 1 winner can be selected using our contest feature. If you would like to choose multiple winners, you could repeat step 1 until you have the number of winners you want, making sure to write down the numbers of the winners chosen, and send them an individual message letting them know they've won. *To close the contest, you will need to use the contest winner feature to send one of the winners the message. This "tags" them as a winner, and everyone else as a "loser", and closes the contest from receiving future entries.

Step 4: Add a message (Congratulations! You have won. To claim your prize...) and click SEND. Your contest winner has now been notified.

To view your contest results:

Step 1: On the Contest page, find the contest you want to check.
Step 2: Click on Options and choose Send.

The contest details page will open.

You can filter your results in two ways for easier viewing:

By integration

By status

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