When we process messages through PastorsLine, we first set things up: look for landlines, duplicate numbers, etc. This can take a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how large your group is. Once that is finished processing, PastorsLine sends your texts as per the following rates.

Here are the send rates as of May 2021.

Your local, 10-digit number(s)

1 SMS or MMS /second

***With regards to MMS, this is limited to 20 messages per minute before being filtered. As a result, it is not ideal. For that reason, until the new 10 DLC system is up and running (see more info here), we suggest using the PastorsLine short code to send group MMS messages.

Our PastorsLine short code

100 SMS / second

30 MMS per second

Our verified, toll-free number (in process)

3 SMS / second

Our shared, high-throughput, verified, toll-free number (coming soon)

25 SMS or MMS / second

A custom, high-throughput, verified, toll-free number (coming soon)

This is a toll-free number for your church only.

The send rate is between 1-150 SMS / second. This is reflected in the different monthly prices. See the table below for current fees.

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