Now you can choose to resolve/merge those duplicate PastorsLine created profiles with your external app profiles. Before, when a new profile went through a data capture, we created a PastorsLine profile for that person as a placeholder while the newly collected information went through our smart syncing process. Once smart syncing was complete, there would be both a PastorsLine profile and the newly created external app profile. In short, 2 profiles.

Now, you can merge those to remove the duplicate PastorsLine profile.

To turn this feature on and start the merging process:

1. Click on the downward arrow near your thumbnail image/icon/initials (gold circle in image below).

2. Click on Integrations (blue oval in image below).

3. Toggle on Automerge PastorsLine Contacts (orange circle and arrow in image below).

4. Select your Master Integration.

NOTE: Even if you are using multiple integrations, you need to select a master.

5. Click on CONFIRM.

6. Now this automerge option is on and has started the smart syncing process.

Your Integrations page will now look like this.

To View and Merge possible duplicates

1. Go to your Groups Page and click on the purple "?" at the top of the screen to reveal your groups that have pending duplicates.

2. Click on Conflicting Contacts (blue oval in image below) to reveal the pending contacts that are waiting to be merged.

A) If there is enough information in the PastorsLine profiles for us to determine there are no duplicate profiles in your master database that already exist for this person, we will auto-create a new profile in your master database for them.

B) If we can determine that the information matches exactly with an existing profile, we will auto match and merge them.

C) If there is not enough info or if there are possible duplicates found, we will not automatch or create a new profile. You will need to manually choose what to do with this profile. More information on how to do that HERE.

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