[To clear up any confusion, we want to let you know that PastorsLine doesn’t automatically sync all your PL groups back to Breeze. You need to let PastorsLine know explicitly which groups you want synced.]

The PastorsLine-Breeze integration syncs both ways. We automatically send new data from PastorsLine over to Breeze once those groups are connected. New data from Breeze that is being mapped over to PastorsLine through groups is only updated when you tell us to or overnight if using the overnight syncing option.

In short: New PastorsLine info to Breeze is automatic / right away. New Breeze info back to PastorsLine needs to be triggered by a resync of some kind. Check out more information HERE.

To make your Breeze tags or events into synced groups in PastorsLine, check out this article HERE.

To sync an existing PastorsLine group to an existing Breeze tag or event:

1. Go to your Groups page (brown box below).

2. Find the group name, and in the Actions column, click the pencil icon to "edit" the group (brown circle below).

3. The Edit Group page will open. Find the Sync with an external app toggle button. Toggle it on (button will turn purple), anc choose Breeze from the External App list.

4. Then select the Tag / event you want to sync this group with OR choose "no list" if you just want to sync new contacts created in PastorsLine with Breeze and not a specific list or tag.

5. Click ‘Save’ to complete, or 'Save and Collect More Data'' if you are using keywords and would like to add (or edit) a new data capture to use with this group and keyword.

**Your changes may take up to a few minutes to go through. If after that time you still don’t see them, click on the ‘Sync now’ button and all should be well.**

To create and sync a new PastorsLine group to an existing Breeze tag/event

1. Go to the ‘Groups and Keywords’ screen.

2. Select the ‘New group’ option to create a new group.

Then continue with Steps 3,4,5 as above.

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