Just remember, when using links, you need the message to be from the short code.

To send a message to a group or individual that includes a link from the short code, check out this article: How to send a Group or individual message from the short code

​If you'd like to use keywords to trigger texts that include links, you have three options for this (listed in order of what we suggest doing):

1. Reserve a keyword to use with the short code (people will text your keyword to the short code and auto reply will also be from the short code):

2. Use the "always reply via short code" option (people will text your keyword to your local number, but the auto reply will be from the short code):

3. Use an Automated Message Campaign linked to your group with the keyword to send the link from the short code (later - at least 3-6 minutes later). (People will text your keyword to your local number and receive an auto reply from the local number - you cannot have a link here in that autoreply - and 3-6 minutes later, they receive the message with link from the short code).


Keep up to date with changes to short codes via this article on our website:


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