Some background information (skip ahead for step by step on how to edit a user's credits)

Basically, owners and admins can work with credits such as editing the number of credits a user has.

Please note that when editing credits, your plan’s credits need to be enough to support the total number of credits you are assigning your users.


The credits for numbers are in addition to your credits given per plan. So, we are not touching those unless you add more numbers than the package allows.


Unused credits rollover each month (as long as "rollover credits" is the option you chose and you maintain your current plan or upgrade). Read more about how changing plans may affect your credits.

An example

Let’s say a user has been assigned to receive 80 credits per month. At the start of Month 1, this user has 80 credits. During the month, only 50 are used. The remaining 30 are added to the Month 2 recurring assignment of 80 for a total of 110 credits at the start of Month 2.

If you are sharing a number or other users (non-admins) are sharing numbers, they can only used their assigned credits for sending out messages. That is, each user pulls from his/her own bucket of credits for outgoing messages. However, for incoming messages on a shared number, the system has no way of knowing which user to deduct the credits from. So, we deduct those from the global pool of credits (unless you chose to not count incoming messages on your plan).

Editing a user's credits

Step 1: Go to the top, right-hand corner. Click the arrow under your name and picture. Select Users (orange box) from the drop down menu. The User page will open with a list of all the users on your account.

Step 2: Let's take a look at the user page.

There are two parts to the user's credits:

  1. Credits per Month (blue column) - This is the amount you assign to be added (automatically) to that user’s profile every month.

  2. Current Credits (orange column) - These are the total credits the user can use. They include any credits you have manually added plus any credits that have rolled over from the previous months.

Step 3: Editing credits

Click Increase/Decrease Credits (+/- icon, green circle above). The Increase or Decrease User’s Credits box will open.

NOTE: In the example above, only the last user (Michal) has the +/- icon. Why?

If you look at the User Type column (red arrow above), you will see that all the other users on this page are either admins or owners. Since admins/owners share your credit bucket, you cannot edit the number of credits they use.

Step 4: In the Increase or Decrease User’s Credits box you can see:

  • Total Company Credits—the entire number of credits available for your entire church at the moment.

  • Total User Credits—the entire number of credits available for this user at the moment.

  • User Assigned Credits / Month—the entire number of credits assigned to this user each month.

4a. Choose to increase or decrease the amount of credits for that user. In the example above, we chose Increase.

4b. Choose how many credits to increase (or decrease) by. In the example above, we chose to increase by 300.

Step 5: Click Save.

To see your Credit Transactions…

Step 1: Go to the top, right-hand corner. Click the arrow under your name and picture.

Step 2: Click on Billing. The Billing page will open.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Transactions Details section. Each time you add or subtract credits, a line will be added to the transactions section with a running subtotal.

If you are looking for how to see how many total credits you have used for any given time period, check out this article HERE.

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