Sometimes, a new contact will just give you their phone number and no other details. While that is a great start, you'd also like their name, email, and perhaps birthday.

You can use a data capture (DC) to handle that for you.

The data capture (DC) will be automatic. HOWEVER, at the moment, you will have to manually add the contacts to the relevant group.

In this walkthrough, we are going to call that group Unclassified. Again, these are people for whom we only have a phone number.

Step 1: Click on Campaigns (yellow box). The Campaigns page will open.

Step 2: Click on Create New Campaign (orange arrow). Choose Create Data Capture from the dropdown menu (red box).

Step 3: The Add New Data Capture page will open. Choose a name for your DC and write it on the line (orange box). Then click on Create New Group (red arrow). Give your group a name. We called it Unclassified.

Step 4: Set up your first message. In this case, your recipients will probably never receive the message on the right-hand side (red arrow) unless you add them to the group twice.

Step 5: Capture their details. NOTE -- The messages on the right-hand side of this DC should be turned off. The reason is because you are adding them to the group. They are not opting in. However, you can leave these messages on if you like.

5a. Their name

5b. Their email. NOTE -- Since we captured their first name in Step 5a, we can already use it in a merge field (orange box) to give a more human feel to our conversation.

5c. Their address.

5d. Their birthday.

Step 6: Send them a closing message.

Step 7: Decide on your next steps. For example, if you want to link this DC to an automated messages campaign (AMC). Then click Save.

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