On the billing page, we give you access to your plan details, settings and previous invoices, a history of the major transactions including credits you purchased and used for your phone number(s).

We also show you details such as the name of the plan you are on, the number of credits included, and the total number of credits you have available for use.

You can also edit the card on file, edit the treasurer's email address (the email that needs to receive invoices / receipts), Download and print invoices, upgrade or downgrade your plan, cancel your account OR buy more credits (this is a one time bucket of credits you can purchase as needed).

You can also edit your rollover vs incoming messages option (more info on these options HERE):

Click the drop down arrow to see and select your options:

Under "transaction details", you will find a history of all major credits you purchased and used for your phone number(s). You will see the plan purchased, the price of the plan, how many credits either added or used, invoice numbers and the date of the transaction. You will also see subtotals before each new billing cycle. More information about how the plans and credits for numbers work HERE.

At the moment, we do not break down the used credits by user or groups, but you can calculate your credit usage HERE.

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