Part 1: Getting to the Add New Group Page

From the Legacy app

Step 1: Click on Groups (group of people icon on left-hand side of page, green box below).

Step 2: The Groups and Keywords page will open. Click on the Create New button.

Notice that it will turn white when you hover over it.

The Add New Group page will open.

Now, scroll down to Part 2: Adding a New Group.


From the Hub

Step 1: Click on Groups (the people icon, yellow box).

Step 2: Click on New group (people with + icon, yellow box).

The Add New Group page will open.

Part 2: Adding a New Group

Step 1: Give your group a name (green box below).

At this point, you could save your group and return later to complete the process. If you wish to do this, click SAVE (red box above). Your group will be saved (see name in green box below).

If you would like to continue...

Step 4: Adding to an Automated Messages Campaign (AMC).

Toggle on the button. It will turn purple (see screenshot below). Click on the downward arrow (green box below). Choose your AMC from the dropdown menu which pops up.

Step 5: Click SAVE to keep the information/choices you have made.

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