This article is going to discuss the option to mark all unread messages as read. You are probably already familiar with this concept and have seen it or used it with emails or social media platforms, but it is a little different for us.

We do not encourage using this option if you are trying to engage with your church, but we have noticed churches who use campaigns, especially if they use the data capture option, most of those messages are in response to the data capture and do not need you to take any action or respond to them.

We recommend making sure you have at least email notifications turned on for each phone number on your account so you don't miss any important messages and mark them as unread by accident when doing this process. Change your notification settings HERE.

If you do want to mark all messages as "read", all you need to do is click the word "Clear" in your inbox:

Then, select "Yes, clear" to mark them all as unread.

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